Saturday, May 9, 2009

California trip

I can't believe my little Chloe is going to be three next week! She has given all of her pacifiers to the Easter bunny so he could take them to all the babies who need them. She has been potty training and it has it's good days and bad. I told her she can't go to pre-school until she wears big girl underwear. I haven't digi scrapped in awhile. I got inspired again during relief society night. It's amazing how much time trying to loose weight takes up. Especially trying to find the time with kids to work out. I gave up this week and have been just relaxing and I've already gained 5 lbs, I hate getting old, haha. We went to Ca. last week and hit Disneyland and the beach. It was a nice getaway! It was a little difficult having different aged kids wanting to do different things, but we split up, and of course I was stuck with the one and three year old. :) Next time it's my turn to go on the big kid rides. Israel calls Disneyland the most expensive place on earth. The beach was a blast but not as relaxing as I remember, David hated it and cried the whole time. Fun Fun

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pickled Pepper Kids (check it out)

I can't believe my little man is one year old already!!!! He is behind the girls with walking, he has taken a few steps, but that is pretty much it. I like it when they walk so they are off the dirty floor. He is a little terror getting into and touching everything!!!! He can say map and back pack, can you guess which show he watches with Chloe?? He is a little cutie and I just love having a boy.
I wanted to tell you about a consignment website called pickled peppers kids. It's similiar to a garage sell, but you drop off your items and they sell it for you. Check it out! It looks like a great way to get rid of stuff and buy stuff for the summer. The drop off day is this coming Mon. so you need to register soon. If you voluteer you get first dibs and the clothes before they open to the public.

Friday, April 3, 2009

BJ's and Golds Gym

Okay. I just had to tell everyone if I haven't told you already to go to BJ's for dinner. It's a new Restraunt across from Cafe Rio on Eastern. They have a ton of these in Ca. and one in Summerlin, but this one is brand new. They are famous for their deep dish pizzas and deep dish cookies with vanilla bean ice cream piled on top. They have a new cookie too that is Guirridelhi chocolate cookie with chocolate ice-cream on top. It was to die for. They also have this deep dish cookie platter that has six different kinds of cookies and six scoops of ice cream on top. This is for girls night out!!!! Yummo! Can you tell I just joined weight watchers and all I think about is food??? I've lost seven lbs in two weeks though, Yeah!! Twenty more to go. Also, If anyone is looking to join a gym, I just joined Gold's Gym. It's pretty awsome, it's the brand new one on Stephanie. I pay 18 dollars a mo. and it includes all five kids for day care. They have what they call a cardio movie theatre. It's a huge movie on the wall with surround sound and it's dark and they play movies while you work out. I ran three miles in there today while watching Twighlight.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm going to start a green breakfast tradition for St. Patrick's Day. The kids loved my green eggs and ham and green milk. We also made pancakes with green sprinkles, and had green ice-cream for desert. David has finally given up baby food. Except when I trick him and pour the baby food into a bowl and use a regular spoon than he thinks he's eating what we are. haha

Friday, March 13, 2009

Melissa Butler and Nicki Christian's Baby Shower

Here is an invitation for all those who have yet to receive one through the mail. I will have hard copies at church this Sunday for anyone interested. It's an open house at my house. I thought it would be fun to do both showers on the same day sense they are due on the exact same day with girls. Hope to see you there.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Week

We did alot of crafts this Valentine's Day. We made a ton of heart shaped animals, paint projects, and cut out cookies. It was almost like a Valentine's week. Israel and I celebrated a day early because he worked, but it was great to beat the crowds. This year we decorated the kids doors with streamers and hearts and left each of them a card with chocolate candies. We call it the Valentine's Fairy. They loved it! I love the colors of this months digi kit. Here are some pics of the kids and their doors! David is already standing up on things and getting into trouble, I can hardly get anything done! I can't believe he will be one year old already in April!!! I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Target Shooting?

Wow, January is flying by! My little man will be nine months old this week!! He crawls and gets into everything already.
Israel has been really trying to get me into target shooting lately. I've gone a few times in the past two months, and I think I may be starting to enjoy it. It's nice to have something in common with your husband :) If anyone wants to get together in February to go to the range in Boulder City with us let me know, and we will arrange a date. It would be fun with a group of people from our ward.
Well, here are my January digi scraps.

Lindsay Robbins

Kristine Vanbuskirk and Family

Jenny and Kevin Larson

Maridee and Randy Turner

Amanda and Jared Mason

Nicole and Alan Cav

Alisa and Luke Lund

Melissa and Wing Butler

Liz and Jess Prisbrey

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